Still working on Spill Comic

2016-11-10 18:23:17 by TheNamGam

Wanted to post that I am still working on Spill, but this whole experience has made me rethink about how I do story telling. My writer partner on this project and I are having scheduling issues, so it isn't as easy to pump out story drafts as it was originally.

Expect updates, but perhaps not religiously. I've got some exploring to do art wise and story telling wise.


Stay rad. 


Spill #005 is out!

Check it out here on NewGrounds or at our Main Site.


Thanks guys!



Spill #004 - Grounded

Check it out on Newgrounds or our main site.


Spill Comic #003 - In Plane Sight

2016-08-28 15:48:22 by TheNamGam


Boom Shakalaka! Spill #003 is here and stuff!

Check it out on our main site or here on Newgrounds!

Thanks guys!


Spill Comic #002 - Flight Me

2016-08-21 19:02:13 by TheNamGam

Spill #002 - "Flight Me" is out!

Check it out here or on my Newgrounds profile here.


Ok, well it took forever, but the first strip of Spill is finally out! 

Check it out here!


"Spill" Web Comic Coming Soon

2016-05-31 14:45:00 by TheNamGam

So it's the end of May and no web comic yet. Got some comics done, but we realized if we don't have some in reserve that momentum will fail.

Hopefully will launch in the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, here's our "pretty much final" logo:5835732_146472020681_Logo.png

If you want updates outside of NewGrounds check me out on Twitter too.

Thanks guys,


In the works

2016-04-19 20:40:56 by TheNamGam

Hey guys! 'Preciate ya happening upon my page. Constructive critique is welcome on anything I post here. 

Stuff I'm working on: 
-Painting [Work In Progress #001]
-Webcomic [Collaboration with a friend of mine that will hopefully starting in late May]

-Note Border Sketches [Constanty updated]

I'm usually in the community/forums looking browsing and checking out different artists just for the heck of it, so don't hesitate to hit me up if you want to share art or show me examples.

Additionally, I'm in the proccess of developing an art twitter account from scratch (which is the one) apart from a personal one. If you like what you see, I'd appreciate a follow and I'll be glad to follow you back.

Thanks guys! *echo echo echo*


Making Art and Comics yo!

2016-04-17 23:41:57 by TheNamGam

Hey I'm TheNamGam, self taught cartoonist and digital artist.

As of now I'm currently in the process of starting a web comic that I'll link here once that gets rolling. In the meantime, look for me chatting in the Newgrounds community!

Additionally, I'm also TheNamGam on DeviantArt and @TheNamGam on Twitter (so nice of people to not choose my super obscure username).

Stay rad!