Entry #1

Making Art and Comics yo!

2016-04-17 23:41:57 by TheNamGam

Hey I'm TheNamGam, self taught cartoonist and digital artist.

As of now I'm currently in the process of starting a web comic that I'll link here once that gets rolling. In the meantime, look for me chatting in the Newgrounds community!

Additionally, I'm also TheNamGam on DeviantArt and @TheNamGam on Twitter (so nice of people to not choose my super obscure username).

Stay rad!



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2016-04-18 06:32:00

You should upload your art somewhere here.

TheNamGam responds:

I'll definitely cross upload art here and on DeviantArt. As for the webcomic, I'll probably upload previews with a link to the actual comic,...I dunno I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Thanks for the comment!